Luxor 8071 hi/mid controls HELP

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Luxor 8071 hi/mid controls HELP

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Hello to everyone!

I've been checking this forum from time to time while restoring various speakers. This time I had to register and ask for help, since I haven't found help for my issue.

I got a pair of Luxor 8071's few years ago. Some owner before me had done some real bad damage on them. The bass drivers were replaced with some very lousy ones, even with different ohm rating. Also the cabinets were filled stiff with damping material, so they most likely ended being more like huge closed boxes with inner volume of about 3-4 liters. All of this I have been able to reverse, but the modifier had also done solderwork for the attenuators that control the hi/mid -levels.

I have acquired now all the original drivers, so I would be really grateful if someone could tell me how the attenuators should be connected, the resistor values and order of the resistors.

Best regards and thanks for your help,

Lauri from Finland
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