Links to parts and components etc for Carlsson speakers

Here you will find a few addressees, phone numbers, homepages and links to different companies that can help you with parts, components and material etc to repair, restore and upgrade your speakers.

Carlssonfabriken i Skillingaryd (The Carlsson Factory)
This was the manufacturer of Carlsson speakers from the Oa-50, OA-51 and OA-52 and the OA-58.
From John Larsen at Carlssonfabriken you might get spare parts and upgrades for all the models from the eighties and later models. They unfortunately do not have a homepage but you can reach them by phone, + 46 370 70 900 or by e-mail,
[email protected]

Hifikit (Speaker parts and speaker kits)
Hifikit in Stockholm knows a lot about Carlsson speakers and does business abroad.

Carlsson B65-oa II (SC165) Hifikit stocks the 6.5” Peerless woofer used in OA-12, OA-14, OA-116, OA-2212 and OA-50.
They also stock both of the 7” Scan-Speak woofers, 18W/8542 used in the early models of OA-51 and OA-52 and 18W/8545 used in the “:2” and “.3” models of OA-51 and OA-52.
They also stock amazingly good new substitutes for the old broadbandspekaer Philips 9710 and the paper cone tweeters MT20/24.

Other components 
Hifikit also has other essential speaker building / speaker upgrading components such as inductors, capacitors terminals etc. All in different qualities and price ranges.
They can be contacted at:
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: + 46 8-33 51 51
Fax: + 46 8-32 37 70
Mail: Visiting address
Hifi kit Electronic AB S:t Eriksgatan 124
Box 230 98 Stockholm
104 35 Stockholm

Minic (Speaker parts and speaker kits) 
Minic is a small company in Sweden dealing in speaker components. They usually stock most woofers, tweeters and components for restoring Carlsson speakers. They still also have a small stock of the Peerless MT20HFC. (We are unsure of Minic orders capability)
You can reach them at:
Phone: +46 – 18 40 45 65
e-mail: [email protected]
They might be a bit difficult to reach, best is to try before noon, local time (GMT +1).

Standard and components such as SCR/MKP polypropylene capacitors, vacuum tubes, cable for internal wiring and XLR /Canon plugs and sockets are available at your standard dealer for electrononic components. Try companies such as RS Components or similar.

If you are interested in Scan-Speak or Peerless speakers
Look at They are the manufacturers of Scan-Speak, Peerless, Vifa and Logic speakers

Faulty Sonab equipment:
In Sweden we recommend: Östermalms Radio och TV-service
Phone: +46 – 8 667 40 60
They are one of very few companies who are able to repair the strange “bass–energizers” used in the OA-6 Typ 2 (Mk II) speakers.
We are unfortunately not familiar with any companies abroad who are able to repair these.

Rubber parts 
Rubber parts are best purchased at your local industrial dealer.

Help and advice on how to repair, restore and upgrade speakers 
Can be found either by posting a question on our forum, or by contacting CarlssonPlanet.

Martin Dellstig – Co-Editor

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  1. Frank Bare 12 May, 2020 at 04:45 #


    I’m in the early stage of tweeter replacement on a vintage pr of 14’s. Would you know where to find the
    peerless DR 62’s, or a suitable match?

    Thank you

  2. CEDRIC 27 April, 2021 at 21:29 #

    Try contacting Madisound Speaker Components
    I just bought a pair of speaker replacements for my OD 12’s and am just now trying to figure out how to replace the bottom woofers on my OA 116’s. I bought all of them from this place.

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